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Migration Conference

The Migration Conferences (TMC) is a series of academic events on migration and cognate areas previously held in Athens, Vienna, Prague, and London.

TMCs offer a friendly and frank venue for scholarly exchange on migration and its different aspects and outcomes attracting academics, polciy makers, media, students, NGOs and general public. The 6th TMC conference is hosted and co-organised by University of Lisbon in 2018.

Please see Migration Centre website at

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Transnational Studies Conference

Transnational Studies Conference (TRSC) is an international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary conference dedicated to the study of transnational phenomena. TRSC offers an international venue to discuss social, economic, political, cultural, technological, educational issues without restriction on disciplines from a transnational perspective. The conference invites participants to present their scholarly work responding to the challenges of the increasing impact of transnational developments and structures. TRSC is a unique event that aims at promoting perspectives based on the concept of transnationalism in order to challenge and extend the concepts, research, and methods which have been primarily nationally-focused. Due to increasing mobility of people, goods, finance, culture across borders, the lives of individuals, families, communities, and markets have been impacted and the influence of transnational organizations and networks have somehow undermined the importance of the nation states and national institutions. In an ever increasingly connected world, the transnationalism poses significant challenges and offers opportunities. We believe it is important to systematically reflect on and study these changes, challenges and opportunities.

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Turkish Studies Conference

Turkish Studies Conference (TSC) is a multidisciplinary, academic, international, peer-reviewed conference hosted by leading universities every year. The conference offers a vibrant scholarly exchange opportunity and allows participants to contribute to edited book and journal publications.

Türk Çalışmaları Konferansı (TSC) çok disiplinli, akademik, uluslararası ve hakemli bir konferans olarak her yıl dünyanın önde gelen üniversiteleri tarafından ağırlanmaktadır. Konferans katılımcıları canlı ve verimli bir bilimsel paylaşım ortamı yanında çeşitli derleme kitap ve dergi çalışmalarına yayınlarıyla katkıda bulunma olanağına sahip olmaktadırlar.

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Turkish Migration Conference

About Turkish Migration Conferences

Turkish Migration Conference is an international peer-reviewed scientific event. Every year, about 200 participants from around the world participate and present papers. Along with parallel sessions, there are usually a few training workshops targeting developing researchers.

Papers presented at the TMC are reviewed by the Conference Committee/Track chairs/Chairs and double blind peer-reviewed by at least two referees for their scientific quality, style and presentation. Reviewers are assigned by the track chairs and chairs. To ensure unbiased evaluation, authors are required to remove personal and institutional information from their submitted abstracts/papers and reviewer names are not disclosed to the authors submitting papers/abstracts. Authors are required to follow guidelines and address the reviewer comments in preparing their final manuscripts and presentations.

Turkish Migration Conferences entertain a high profile academic gathering over the years bringing together eminent professors from the US and Europe including Philip Martin of University of California Davis (USA), Douglas Massey of Princeton University (USA), Caroline Brettell of Southern Methodist University (USA), Barry Chiswick of University of Illinois at Chicago (USA), Jeffrey Cohen of Ohio State University (USA), Ibrahim Sirkeci of Regent's University London (UK), Thomas Faist of Bielefeld University (Germany), Karen Phalet of KU Leuven (Belgium), Samim Akgonul of Strasbourg University (France), Joseph Szyliowicz of University of Denver (USA), Nedim Gursel of CNRS (France), and Gudrun Biffl of Krems University (Austria).

Turkish Migration Conferences were launched by Ibrahim Sirkeci of Regent's University London in 2012 when the first large scale well attended scholarly academic event on Turkish migration hosted by Regent's Centre for Transnational Studies in Regent's Park campus of Regent's University London, then known as Regent's College London. The first three conferences have been attended on average by over 200 participants coming from all around the world. The third conference was hosted by Charles University Prague from 25 to 27 June 2015.

Further details about the current conference can be found at:

The abbreviated title of Turkish Migration Conference is: TMC

The Venue for TMC 2016: University of Vienna

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