Call for Papers: Syrian Crisis and Migration

Call for papers: Special Issue on the Syrian Crisis and its impact on Migration Migration Letters invites contributions for a special issue on the Syrian Crisis and Migration. The deteriorating situation in Syria as well as immigration flow from this country has been identified as one of the biggest humanitarian tragedies of our time. Since the insurrections arose in Syria in 2011, the turmoil and violence has caused mass migration to destinations both within and outside the region. According to the UNHCR, 6.5 million Syrians are internally displaced and in addition more than 3 million have fled to neighbouring countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. Although the number is quite small when compared to neighbouring countries, a growing number of Syrians have sought asylum in Europe. Since the conflict shows no signs of abating in the near future, there is a constant increase in the number of Syrians fleeing their home. Today, the Syrian crisis is thought to be one of the major causes for an increase in displacement and humanitarian needs in the region. However, questions on the future impact of the Syrian crisis on the scope and scale of this human mobility are still to be answered. As the impact of the Syrian crisis on host countries increases, so does the demand for analyses of needs for development and protection of these countries. In this special issue, we aim to bring together a select set of articles tackling human migration in relation to the Syrian crisis. Papers can be based in any cognate disciplines and dealing with any aspect of human mobility, and migration management. Papers focusing on conflict and migration nexus, refugee flows, humanitarian protection, refugee burden sharing, mass influxes and public opinion formation, and assessment of policy responses in the host countries, gender aspects, migrant health, discrimination, skilled migration, return migration, and migrant entrepreneurship are particularly welcome. Contributions from academic researchers, consultants, professionals, policy makers and practitioners are welcome. Migration Letters is an international peer reviewed journal publishing short accounts of research, reviews, debates, viewpoints and case studies on migration. It also showcases scholarship and builds connections across the distinctive field of migration studies. All submissions are reviewed by an international editorial board of leading migration scholars in Anthropology, Demography, Economics, Forced Migration Studies, Geography, History, Psychology, Political Science, Public Health, International Relations, and Sociology. The journal welcomes research that is anchored in a discipline whilst also engaging across disciplinary boundaries with other migration researchers. Thus, your contributions to this special issue may be in the form of research articles, viewpoints, debates or case studies (not exceeding 4000 words). Papers submitted must be original scholarly pieces and follow the submission guidelines of the journal: Anticipated scheduleSubmission deadline: 1 May 2015 Notification: 21 May 2015                     Final revisions: June-July 2015       Publication date: September 2015          The schedule may be subject to revisions.Please forward your queries and submissions directly to the co-editors: Dr Pinar Yazgan (Sakarya University):  pyazgan@gmail.comDr Deniz Eroglu (Trakya University): Editor in Chief:Prof Dr Ibrahim Sirkeci (Regent’s University London): For more information, please visit