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Framing the mobilization of migrants in Sweden

Aleksandra Ålund, Nedžad Mešić, Lisa Kings, Magnus Dahlstedt


The paper examines agency for social inclusion among Swedish Associations Founded on Ethnic Ground (AFEGs). It focuses on the access of AFEGs to ‘public voice’ (Solomos 2003) and the opportunity structures for cooperation between AFEGs, public institutions, and other organized interests in the area of social integration in Sweden. Focusing on discursive opportunities, availability of supporters, and public legitimization, we can conclude from three case studies discussed in this paper that there are obvious inequalities present in partnerships between AFEGs and migrant-supporting organizations. In particular, two of the case studies (one and three, highlighting the relationships between AFEGs, the Equality Ombudsman, and adult education associations), illustrate serious obstacles for their activities.


Mobilisation of migrants; Sweden; AFEGs; equality

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