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News discourse and ideology: critical analysis of Copenhagen gang wars’ online news

Pınar Yazgan, Deniz Eroğlu Utku


Gang warfare is one of the social problems that draw attention in Denmark and it occupies an important place in the media discourse. However, the discriminatory and exclusionary effects of this discourse have been largely overlooked in many of the previous studies focusing on this problem. Taking this into account, this study examines the discriminatory aspects of the online news discourse covering these gang wars. In this way, it uncovers the forms of anti-immigrant bias in the news discourse in Denmark by examining articles from two online news articles of the newspaper Politiken’s and the news quoted from the same newspaper. Specifically, this study aims to demonstrate that the discriminatory and exclusionist discourse on the gang wars in Denmark may cause ethnic discrimination by producing negative social capital. The chosen sample of news articles have been analysed by devoting special focus on the concepts of ‘racism’, ‘exclusion’, ‘marginalisation’ and ‘negative social capital’ which are based on the critical discourse analysis of Teun A. van Dijk, who argues that news and media messages are ideological. The results of the analysis of the chosen news articles revealed that gang wars are not racism based wars as was claimed by the dominant media discourse


news discourse; ideology; Critical Discourse Analysis; gang wars; Copenhagen

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