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Marriage conclusion in Belgian Muslim families: Navigating transnational social spaces of normativity

Kim Lecoyer


This article examines multiple normative frameworks that shape rules and expectations for marriage conclusion among Muslim families in Belgium and highlights how women in particular understand, use and resist these norms. Among these normative frameworks, particular attention is given to the study of Islamic normative discourses, which frequently originate in a transnational public space of Islamic norms and reference, but are at the same time locally situated in daily practices and local discourses. The article is based on fieldwork conducted in Belgium with different religious actors on the one hand, and interviews and focus groups with, mainly female, members of Belgian Muslim families on the other hand. The data stems from a broader research on non-state family practices and dispute resolution among Muslim families of migrant origin living in Belgium.


marriage; transnational Muslim families; internormativity; Belgium; gender

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