Migration in History book series is open to theoretical and empirical studies engaging with the cases from antiquity until today. It aims to contribute to the intellectual debates over social, economic, political, and cultural aspects of migration with historical inquiries. Drawing on a broad definition of migration, the series addresses all subdivisions of human mobility documented in the past, including internal or transnational migration, forced migration, labour migration and seasonal migration. Today, the migration scholarship largely builds on the much-debated themes such as refugee movements and their humanitarian consequences, postcolonial attitudes towards migration, changing migration regimes, gender dimension, nationalism and diaspora. This book series seeks to give historical insights into these themes through the analyses of historical factors underpinning the knowledge, discourses, and politics surrounding migrants and migrant communities. In addition to the mainstream trends, the book series also welcomes inquiries from memory studies that explore individual or group memories as well as memory politics and cultures concerning migrants and migration. The editors look forward to proposals for monographs, edited collections, biographies and autobiographies, and also previously published manuscripts in other languages.

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