Transnational Press London aims at publishing cutting edge thinking and scholarship in social sciences, economics, business, management, and humanities. Migration Series is one of the leading series of works we do publish, while also manuscripts in other subject areas are considered for publication programmes.

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Migration Series 

– Turkey’s Syrians: Today and Tomorrow – edited by Deniz Eroglu Utku, K. Onur Unutulmaz and Ibrahim Sirkeci
– Revisiting Gender and Migration edited by M. Murat Yüceşahin and Pınar Yazgan
– Economic Survival Strategies of Turkish Migrants in London by Olgu Karan
– Women from North Move to South Contemporary Migration from the former Soviet Union countries to Turkey by Oksana Koshulko
– Turkish Migration 2016 Selected Papers compiled by Deniz Eroglu, Jeffrey H. Cohen, Ibrahim Sirkeci 
– Turkish Migration Policy edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci and Barbara Pusch 
– Little Turkey in Great Britain by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Tuncay Bilecen, Yakup Çoştu, Saniye Dedeoğlu, M. Rauf Kesici, B. Dilara Şeker, Fethiye Tilbe, K. Onur Unutulmaz (forthcoming)
– Conflict, Insecurity and Mobility edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Jeffrey H. Cohen, and Pinar Yazgan
– Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Betül Dilara Şeker, and Ali Çağlar
– Politics and Law in Turkish Migration edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Doğa Elçin, and Güven Şeker
– Family and Human Capital in Turkish Migration edited by by Nadja Milewski, Ibrahim Sirkeci, M. Murat Yüceşahin, Assia Rolls 
– Göç ve Uyum edited by B. Dilara Şeker, İbrahim Sirkeci, M. Murat Yüceşahin

– Turkish Migration Conference 2015 Proceedings 
– Turkish Migration Conference 2015 Book of Abstracts 
– Turkish Migration Conference 2016 Programme & Book of Abstracts

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Revisiting Gender and Migration by M.Murat Yucesahin, Pinar Yazgan Economic Survival Strategies of Turkish Migrants in London by Olgu Karan Turkey’s Syrians: Today and Tomorrow Edited by Deniz Eroğlu Utku, K. Onur Unutulmaz, Ibrahim Sirkeci Turkish Migration 2016 Selected Papers Turkish Migration Policy Little Turkey in Great Britain
Conflict, Insecurity and Mobility Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration Politics and Law in Turkish Migration Family and Human Capital in Turkish Migration (Goc ve Uyum (Turkish Migration) (Proceedings Book Turkish Migration Conference 2015 Women from North Move South by Oksana Koshulko