The Mediterranean Politics book series invites contributions focusing on the Mediterranean region and surrounding regions that will foster engagement, fruitful discussion, and the exchange of ideas among scholars, practitioners and activists in the fields of politics and international relations. [Submit a book proposal].

Contributions should be original research and may be published in the form of monographs (single or co-authored), edited volumes, or translations of monographs originally published in other languages. These can focus on individual states (case studies) or may be comparative in scope.

Mediterranean Politics invites theoretical or empirical contributions that deal with some of the most heated debates and pertinent issues that the countries of the region face to spur new discussions, contribute to ongoing ones, and expand the current scope of inquiry.

The series seeks to shed light on the connectedness of polities and societies. In so doing, it promotes an interdisciplinary approach focused generally on politics and international relations, but drawing also on other disciplines, including — but not limited to — history, political economy, sociology, and anthropology.

[Submit a book proposal].

Series Editor

  • Dr Nikos Christofis, Assoc. Professor, Centre for Turkish Studies, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an, China | Personal profile 

Books in this series can be inspected here

Post Cold War: demet Senbas Rania M R Khalil MENA migrations Rethinking Subalternity in Central and Eastern Europe By Francesco Trupia