Book proposals

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your book proposals. Once ready please submit your book proposal to us.

Book Manuscript Proposal Guidelines
Please send your book proposal with all the following information to us at to be considered by our editor(s).

1. Author(s) Information
Please provide a biography and a full CV for each author/editor. For edited books, please provide the names, affiliations and short bios (Max. 100 words) of all contributors.
We need your and if any co-editors/co-authors’
Job title(s)
Work address(es)
Work telephone number(s)
Home address(es)
Home telephone number(s)
E-mail address(es)
Date of Birth (required for copyright purposes)
Nationality (required for copyright purposes)
2. Include any information relevant to this publication, e.g. your published books, articles, and research experience

Manuscript questions:
3. Title of manuscript:
4. Is this manuscript a revised version of your dissertation?
5. If this is a revised dissertation please give the date completed, institution, and names of committee members. Please explain the nature of your revision.
6. Has your manuscript, or any part of your manuscript, been previously published or distributed? If so, do you hold copyright for the previously published material? If not, who holds the copyright for these materials?

7. Brief description of scope and content
The key selling points of your book; what makes it distinctive? What are the key audiences it will help?

8. Word count of the manuscript, including notes and bibliography?
Number of tables: Maps: Other drawings graphs:
Photographs (black and white or color):

9. Is the whole manuscript complete and ready for submission?
If not, what remains to be completed?

10. Please name four scholars working in your field who are competent to read your manuscript. Please include email and affiliation of anyone listed.

11. Summary of your manuscript (Max. 100 words):

12. Summary chapters of the manuscript:
Please attach a chapter by chapter synopsis of the book with major headings in each chapter. If you have sample chapters ready, please submit.

13. Competition and market
Please indicate the primary market for your book (undergrad, graduate, professional, etc.)
Subject areas/fields of your book
What is the market size? How many copies your book would sell?
If it appeals to students as a course book/ text book: which courses and subject areas are potential targets? What are the typical student numbers.

Please list (including author, title and publisher) of those books that your book will be competing with. What your book is offering different or better than others?

14. Your current research interests?

15. Include a published article as a sample for your writing.

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Transnational Press London.