Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration

Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration
Co-edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Betül Dilara Şeker and Ali Çağlar is published.

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Introduction - Ali Çağlar, Ibrahim Sirkeci, Betül Dilara Şeker
Chapter 1: Mobilities of Turkish migrants in Europe - Steffen Pötzschke
Chapter 2: Incentive to migrate and to return to home country: A comparison of Turkish, Moroccan and Egyptian cases - Yehudith Kahn and Nir Billfeld
Chapter 3: Turkish refugees and their use of health and social services in London - Nilüfer Korkmaz Yaylagül, Suzan Yazıcı and George Leeson
Chapter 4: A Widening immigrant – native gap. Child income and poverty in Sweden among immigrants from Turkey and the surrounding region - Björn Gustafsson and Torun Österberg
Chapter 5: Alevis’ transnational practices and the consolidation of Alevi identity in the United Kingdom - Ayşegül Akdemir
Chapter 6: Turkish teachers’ views on European identity in Belgium - Ali Faruk Yaylacı
Chapter 7: Turkish women in Alsace: Language maintenance and shift in negotiating integration - Feray J. Baskin
Chapter 8: From retreating to resisting: How Austrian-Turkish women deal with experiences of racism - Katharina Hametner
Chapter 9: Social communication among Turkish immigrants in Belgium - Filiz Göktuna Yaylacı
Chapter 10: Tiryaki Kukla – Smoking cessation and tobacco prevention among migrants from Turkey in Switzerland - Corina Salis Gross, Claudia Arnold and Michael Schaub
Chapter 11: “Rewriting” Turkish-German cinema from the bottom-up: Turkish emigration cinema - Ömer Alkin
Chapter 12: Grounded theory and transnational audience reception - Deniz Özalpman
Chapter 13: Turkish Muslims in a German city: Entrepreneurial and residential self-determination - Sarah Hackett
Chapter 14: An Investigation on the Turkish Religious Foundation of the UK (Diyanet) - Yakup Çoştu and Feyza Ceyhan Çoştu
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