Politics and Law in Turkish Migration


Politics and Law in Turkish Migration

Politics and Law in Turkish Migration
Co-edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Doğa Elçin and Güven Şeker
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Introduction - Philip L. Martin and Ibrahim Sirkeci PDF
Chapter 1: Irregular Immigration in the EU Legal Framework: Where are the Human Rights? - Annalisa Morticelli and Dr Jessica Guth PDF
Chapter 2: The Making of Immigration Policies in Turkey: An analysis of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection Drafting Process - Deniz Eroğlu PDF
Chapter 3: The principle of non-refoulement a comparative analysis between Turkish national law and international refugee law - Doğa Elçin PDF
Chapter 4: To What Extent Are Migrant Workers’ Rights Positioned within the Discourse of Human Rights? - Süreyya Sönmez Efe PDF
Chapter 5: In the Nexus of Stigma or Prestige: Politicians with Migration-background - Devrimsel Deniz Nergiz PDF
Chapter 6: How Berlin’s local politicians of Turkish background perceive their access to party networks and ability to succeed? - Floris Vermeulen and Ayten Doğan PDF
Chapter 7: After the Hamburg Cell: the Integration Debate and Turkish-German Representation in Post-9/11 Media and Politics - Emily Joy Rothchild PDF
Chapter 8: Can Turks be Germans? - Symbolic Boundary Perception of Turkish Residents in Germany - Nils Witte PDF
Chapter 9: The Second Generation’s Discovery of Transnational Politics via Social Media - Necdet Coşkun Aldemir PDF
Chapter 10: Political integration of the German-Turkish youth in Berlin - Mine Karakuş PDF
Chapter 11: The role of Turkish community organisations in Berlin: Their role in Turkey-Germany and Turkey-European Union relations - Selcen Öner PDF
References PDF

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