Politics and Law in Turkish Migration 
Edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Doğa Elçin, and Güven Şeker

Published: 21 February 2015

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Increasingly more scholars and analysts argue that migration controls are deemed to fail simply because of the dynamic nature of human mobility. Nevertheless, migration remains to be a hot topic on political agenda as well as a key area of legislation. Turkey has recently implemented some serious structural changes through a new law of migration and creation of a specialist central general directorate responsible for handling almost anything and everything about migrants and foreigners in the country. On the other hand, politics and political participation of the Turks abroad is part and parcel of the integration debates strongly shaping the mainstream politics of immigration countries in Europe and beyond. This book offers a number of research accounts investigating the political participation and integration, new legislations, and implications of policy and law on migration practices.

Introduction – Philip L. Martin and Ibrahim Sirkeci PDF
Chapter 1: Irregular Immigration in the EU Legal Framework: Where are the Human Rights? – Annalisa Morticelli and Dr Jessica Guth PDF
Chapter 2: The Making of Immigration Policies in Turkey: An analysis of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection Drafting Process – Deniz Eroğlu PDF
Chapter 3: The principle of non-refoulement a comparative analysis between Turkish national law and international refugee law – Doğa Elçin PDF
Chapter 4: To What Extent Are Migrant Workers’ Rights Positioned within the Discourse of Human Rights? – Süreyya Sönmez Efe PDF
Chapter 5: In the Nexus of Stigma or Prestige: Politicians with Migration-background – Devrimsel Deniz Nergiz PDF
Chapter 6: How Berlin’s local politicians of Turkish background perceive their access to party networks and ability to succeed? – Floris Vermeulen and Ayten Doğan PDF
Chapter 7: After the Hamburg Cell: the Integration Debate and Turkish-German Representation in Post-9/11 Media and Politics – Emily Joy Rothchild PDF
Chapter 8: Can Turks be Germans? – Symbolic Boundary Perception of Turkish Residents in Germany – Nils Witte PDF
Chapter 9: The Second Generation’s Discovery of Transnational Politics via Social Media – Necdet Coşkun Aldemir PDF
Chapter 10: Political integration of the German-Turkish youth in Berlin – Mine Karakuş PDF
Chapter 11: The role of Turkish community organisations in Berlin: Their role in Turkey-Germany and Turkey-European Union relations – Selcen Öner PDF
References PDF

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