Turkish Migration Policy 
Co-edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci and Barbara Pusch

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From the back cover: 
“With this book, we aim to shed light on changes in migration policy, determinants beneath these changes, and practical implications for movers and non-movers in Turkey. Nevertheless, one should note that Turkey has only recently faced mass immigration and the number of foreign born has more than doubled in less than five years. Such sudden change in population composition warrants policy adjustments and reviews. Policy shift from “exporting excess labour” in the 1960s and 1970s to immigrant integration today is a drastic but necessary one. Nevertheless, Turkish migration policy is still far from settled as several chapters in this book point out. Despite the exemplary humanitarian engagement in admitting Syrians, Turkey is still at the bottom of the league table of favourable integration policies with an overall score of 25 out of 100. Turkish migration policy is likely to be adjusted further in response to the continuing immigration.”

Foreword – Philip L Martin
Introduction – Barbara Pusch and Ibrahim Sirkeci
Chapter 1: The Transformation and Europeanization of Migration Policy in Turkey: Multiculturalism, Republicanism and Alignment – Bianca Kaiser and Ayhan Kaya
Chapter 2: Turkey’s migration law and policy: is it a new era? – Ali Zafer Sagiroglu
Chapter 3: Gendered citizenship: Experiences and perceptions of the Bulgarian Turkish immigrant women – Özge Kaytan 
Chapter 4: European Union and Turkish migration policy reform: from accession to policy conditionality – Birce Demiryontar
Chapter 5: The international migration and foreign policy nexus: the case of Syrian refugee crisis in Turkey – Ela Gökalp Arasand Zeynep Sahin Mencutek 
Chapter 6: Stuck in the Aegean: Syrians leaving Turkey face European barriers – H. Deniz Genç & N. Aslı Şirin Öner
Chapter 7: Fragile balance of EU-Turkey readmission agreement – Ülkü Sezgi Sözen 
Chapter 8: Turkish diaspora policy: transnationalism or long-distance nationalism? – Yaşar Aydın
Chapter 9: Migration and Citizenship: The Case of Turkey – Zeynep Kadirbeyoğlu and Dilek Çınar
Chapter 10: Legal Membership on the Turkish side of the Transnational German-Turkish Space – Barbara Pusch

CREDITS: Cover Photo: Arif Bektas – Cover Design: Nihal Yazgan

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