Peace, Conflict and Violence book series is open to monographs, translations of monographs originally published in other languages, and edited volumes that engage with issues of peace(s), conflict, and/or violence(s) broadly understood. [Submit a book proposal]. In order to participate in already established discussions, create new debates, and expand the current scope of inquiry in international studies, we welcome theoretical, empirical, and methodological contributions that advance both the field of Peace and Conflict Studies and the way we think more broadly about violence and peace. The Peace, Conflict and Violence Series thus aims to contribute to debates about how we understand these concepts and experiences, who violence and peace target, who can be involved, how they can be enacted, and who can know them. With this series, we aim to create a space that encourages discussion, productive tensions, and engagement of scholars, practitioners, and activists alike, investigating some of the most pressing issues of our times and examining alternatives simultaneously. In doing so, we encourage engagement with a wide range of topics that relate to issues of peace processes, peacebuilding, peacekeeping, peace research, transitional and/or transformative justice, state building, political, economic and/or historical processes in conflict-affected societies.

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Conflict, Insecurity, Mobility by Sirkeci, Cohen, Yazgan