Migration Letters – Vol 2 No 1


Migration Letters – Volume 2, Issue 1, 2005 April [Print Copy]


Migration Letters – Volume 2, Issue 1, 2005 April [Print Copy]

Migration Letters is an international leading scholarly journal for researchers, students, scholars who investigate human migration as well as practitioners and quick dissemination of research in the field through its letter type format enabling concise sharing of short accounts of research, debates, case studies, book reviews and viewpoints in this multidisciplinary field of social sciences.

Table of Contents


Kinship, Gender & Migration from a Rural Caribbean Community PDF 
Robert J. Quinlan 1-11
The First Vietnamese to Attend Harvard PDF 
Chris Norlund 64-82
The Mental Health Implications of Britain’s Conservative Party Immigration Plan PDF 
Nicholas G. Procter 12-19
Immigration Policy in the European Union: Still bringing up the walls for fortress Europe? PDF 
Petra Bendel 20-31
Can we use NEG models to predict migration flows? An example of CEE accession countries PDF 
D’Artis Kancs 32-63
The impetus of conflict on the reproduction of national identity among exiled Palestinians Evidence from a fieldwork in Syria PDF 
Rikke Sand Andersen 83-92

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