Migration Letters – Vol 3 No 2


Migration Letters – Volume 3, Issue 2, 2006 October [Print Copy]


Migration Letters – Volume 3, Issue 2, 2006 October [Print Copy]

Migration Letters is an international leading scholarly journal for researchers, students, scholars who investigate human migration as well as practitioners and quick dissemination of research in the field through its letter type format enabling concise sharing of short accounts of research, debates, case studies, book reviews and viewpoints in this multidisciplinary field of social sciences.

Table of Contents


Socio-Economic Characteristics of Immigrants in Western Greece Region: Urban – Rural Continuum or Divide? PDF 
Theodoros Iosifides, Thanasis Kizos, Elektra Petracou, Ekaterini Malliotaki, Konstantina Katsimantou, Elena Sarri 91-105
Wrestling with 9/11: Immigrant Perceptions and Perceptions of Immigrants PDF 
Caroline Brettell 107-124
Women’s Cityward Migration, Domestic Service and Schooling in Southern Mexico PDF 
Jayne Howell 125-135
Refugee Policy is a Realist’s Nightmare: The Case of Southeast Asia PDF 
Chen Chen Lee 137-149
New figures for old stories: Migration and remittances in Nepal PDF 
Michael Kollmair, Siddhi Manandhar, Bhim Subedi, Susan Thieme 151-160
Why Not Me? Women Immigrants and Unemployment in New Brunswick PDF 
Judith Doyle, Nicola Mooney, Jane Ku 161-169

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF 

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