The Migration Conference 2018 – BoA and Programme


The Migration Conference 2018 – Book of Abstracts and Programme Compiled by Fethiye Tilbe and Yusuf Topaloglu | Published: 23 June 2018 | 348 pp. | paperback/digital | ISBN: 978-1-910781-81-4 | Download free from AcademiaBuy Kindle version (£0.99 on Amazon) | Buy Print copy from Lulu (£14.99) | Buy Print copy from Amazon (£10.00)



The Migration Conference 2018 – Book of Abstracts and Programme

Compiled by Fethiye Tilbe and Yusuf Topaloglu

Published: 23 June 2018

Download free from AcademiaBuy Kindle version (£0.99 on Amazon) | Buy Print copy from Lulu (£14.99) | Buy Print copy from Amazon (£10.00)

The Migration Conference is a venue for academics, policy makers, practitioners, students and everybody who is interested in intelligent debate and research informed discussions on human mobility and its impacts around the world. The Migration Conference is an international peerreviewed scholarly event. The Migration Conferences were launched at the Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies in 2012 when the first well attended international peer-reviewed conference with a focus on Turkish migration in Europe took place in Regent’s Park campus of Regent’s University London, UK. The Migration Conference 2018 is the sixth event in the series and coorganised by ISEG (School of Economics and Management) and IGOT (The Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning) both at Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal and Transnational Press London, UK. Previous conferences were held in London (2012), London (2014), Prague (2015), Vienna (2016), Athens (2017), and Lisbon (2018). The Migration Conference 2018 is organised with funding raised by registration fees and the following partners’ support: ISEG – Universidade de Lisboa, IGOT – Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, Tourism Office of Lisbon, Portugal, Global Migration Project – Ohio State University, USA, Gifford Center – University of California Davis, USA, Regent’s University London Centre for Transnational Studies, UK, Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law, Germany, Institut de Recherche, Formation et Action sur les Migrations, Belgium, Migration Institute of Finland, Hart Publishing, UK, Transnational Press London, Migration Letters, Remittances Review, Border Crossing, Göç Dergisi, Kurdish Studies, and Journal of Gypsy Studies.





About the TMC.. v

Venue: ISEG Campus, Universidade de Lisboa. vi

Chairs’ Welcome. vii

People. 1

Conference Executive Committee. 1

Transnational Scientific Committee. 1

Local Organisation Committee. 2

Conference Gala Dinner: 2

Keynote speakers. 3

Summary Programme. 4

Day One 26 June 2018 – 09:00-11:15. 5

OPENING PLENARY and Welcoming Speeches. 5

Day One 26 June 2018 – 11:30-12:50. 5

1A. Economics, Work and Migration. 5

1B. Geographies of Migration. 8

1C. Migration and Health. 10

1D. Arts, Media and Migration. 11

1E. Migration and Integration. 14

1F. Migration Law and Policy. 17

1G. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 19

1H. Migration in the South. 21

1J. Türk Göç Konferansı: Tarih ve Göç. 24

1K. Göç, Sanat ve Edebiyat 26

1L. Comparative Experiences of Migration. 27

Day One 26 June 2018 – 13:50-15:10. 29

2A. Remittances and Development 29

2B. Geographies of Migration. 32

2C. Migration Policy and Challenges. 34

2D. Arts, Media and Migration. 36

2E. Migration and Integration. 39

2F. Experimental Approaches: Solidarity, Discrimination and Immigrant Incorporation. 43

2G. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 46

2H. Migration and Transnational Social Spaces. 48

2J. Türk Göç Konferansı: Türkiye’de göç Deneyimleri: Politikalar ve Toplumsal Yansımalar 51

2K. Networks and Representations. 53

2L. Developmental Papers / Posters. 55

Day One 26 June 2018 – 15:20-16:40. 58

3A. Remittances and Development 58

3B. Drivers of Migration. 60

3C. Migration Research: Data and Methods. 62

3D. Understanding Migration. 64

3E. Gendered Approaches to Migration. 67

3F. Ethnicity and Migration. 69

3G. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 71

3H. Migrants in South East Asia. 73

3J. Türk Göç Konferansı: Din ve Göç. 75

3K. Göç, Sanat ve Edebiyat 77

3L. Developmental Papers / Posters. 80

Day One 26 June 2018 – 16:50-18:10. 83

4A. Economics, work and migration. 83

4B. Políticas migratorias, dinámicas transfronterizas y prácticas sociales en América Latina. 87

4C. High Skilled Migration. 90

4D. European Migration Space. 92

4E. Religion and Mobility. 95

4F. Migration Law and Policy. 97

4G. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 100

4H. Gender and Identity. 103

4J. Türk Göç Konferansı: Göç Çalışmalarında Yeni Yaklaşımlar 105

4K. Göç, Sanat ve Edebiyat 108

Day One 26 June 2018 – 18:20-19:40. 110

5A. Experiences of Diaspora. 110

5B. Migration and Wellbeing. 113

5C. Education and Skilled Migration. 115

5D. Migration and Space. 117

5E. Migration and Representations. 119

5F. European Migration Space. 121

5G. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 124

5H. Migration Law and Policy. 126

5J. Türk Göç Konferansı: Göç ve Temsil 128

Day Two 27 June 2018 – 09:00-10:20. 130

6A. Economics, Work and Migration. 130

6B. Globalización, movilidad y morfologías emergentes de las dinámicas transnacionales. 133

6C. Education and Skilled Migration. 136

6D. Göç, Sanat ve Edebiyat 139

6E. A Turning Point in the Portuguese Asylum System? New Challenges and Old Structural Questions. 141

6F. Migration Policy and Challenges. 142

6G. Migration Gender and Identity. 145

6H. Migration and Integration. 148

6J. Türk Göç Konferansı: Yerelde Durum.. 151

Day Two 27 June 2018 – 10:30-11:50. 153

7A. Economics, work and migration. 153

7B. Mobility, Gender and Sexuality. 156

7C. Arts, Media and Migration. 158

7D. Migration and Space. 161

7E. Migration Law and Policy. 163

7F. Syrians in Turkey. 165

7G. Migrants and Schools. 168

7H. Türk Göç Konferansı: Göç ve Kültür 170

7J. Developmental Papers / Posters. 173

Day Two 27 June 2018 – 12:00-13:30. 176

8A. Economics, Work and Migration. 176

8B. Geographies of Migration. 179

8C. Education and Skilled Migration. 181

8D. Arts, Media and Migration. 183

8E. Role of Identity in Migration. 185

8F. Migration Law and Policy. 187

8G. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 191

8H. Religion and Movement 193

8J. Türk Göç Konferansı: Algılar ve Göç. 195

8K. Documentary Screening: 3 Shorts by Michael Martin. 198

EXHIBITION: Welcome to Our Jungle by Clare Struthers, University of Plymouth, UK.. 199

Day Two 27 June 2018 – 14:30-15:50. 199

9A. Economics, Work and Migration. 199

9B. Migration Theory 3. 201

9C. Education and Skilled Migration. 203

9D. Women on the Move. 205

9E. European Migration Space. 207

9F. Diaspora Politics. 209

9G. Impacts of Politically Motivated Migration and Diaspora Political Activism on Host/Home Country Politics  212

9H. Migration and Wellbeing. 215

9J. Türk Göç Konferansı: Göç ve Uyum.. 217

9K. Movie Screening: Gastro Nomads by Annebel Huijboom, the Netherlands. 222

Day Two 27 June 2018 – 16:00-17:20. 222

10A. Economics, Work and Migration. 222

10B. Migration in the City. 225

10C. Children and Migration. 229

10D. European Migration Space. 231

10E. Migration and Wellbeing. 233

10F. Migration Law and Policy. 235

10G. Impacts of Politically Motivated Migration and Diaspora Political Activism on Host/Home Country Politics  238

10H. Migration and Work. 240

10J. People on the Move. 242

10K. Migration and Integration. 245

Day Two 27 June 2018 – 17:30-19:30. 247

PLENARY II – Migration Governance. 247

Day Three 28 June 2018 – 09:00-10:20. 248

11A. Remittances and Development 248

11B. Geographies of Migration. 250

11C. Education and Skilled Migration. 252

11D. Mobility, Gender and Sexuality. 255

11E. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 257

11F. Migration Law and Policy. 259

11G. Continuity and Change: Diasporic Koreans between Home and Host Countries. 262

11H. Religion and Movement 263

11J. Türk Göç Konferansı 266

11K. WORKSHOP: Doing PhD in Migration Studies. 269

11L. Developmental Papers/Posters. 269

12A. Economics, Work and Migration. 272

12B. Geographies of Migration. 275

12C. WORKSHOP:  Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers. 277

12D. Population and Mobility Patterns in South Asia. 280

12E. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 283

12F. Migration Law and Policy. 285

12G. Analysing Migration. 288

12H. Migration and Representations. 290

12J. Environment and Migration. 293

Day Three 28 June 2018 – 12:00-13:30. 294

13A. Migration Theory. 295

13B. Geographies of Migration. 297

13C. WORKSHOP:  Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers. 300

13D. Demographic Perspectives. 302

13E. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 305

13F. Migration Law and Policy. 308

13G. Education and Skilled Migration. 311

13H. Mobility, Gender and Sexuality. 314

13J. Göç, Sanat ve Edebiyat 316

Day Three 28 June 2018 – 14:30-15:50. 319

14A. Geographies of Migration. 319

14B. Migration in Central America – Trends and Challenges. 322

14C. Göç ve Toplumdilbilim.. 324

14D. ROUNDTABLE: Current Challenges of both Portugal’s and the European Union’s Migration Policies  327

Index. 329


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