Nyonya Kebaya Peranakan Heritage Fashion


Nyonya Kebaya Peranakan Heritage Fashion by Christine Ong Kiat Neo | Published: 6 January 2019 | Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-910781-97-5: Buy from Lulu | Buy from Amazon | eBook: Buy from Google Play | Buy for Kindle


Nyonya Kebaya

Nyonya Kebaya

Peranakan Heritage Fashion

By Christine Ong Kiat Neo
Published: 6 January 2019

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Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-910781-97-5: Buy from Lulu | Buy from Amazon
eBook: Buy from Google Play | Buy for Kindle

NYONYA KEBAYA, PERANAKAN HERITAGE FASHION by Christine ONG KIAT NEO combines the passionate and the practical features of the kebaya fashion.  It renews the intricate embroidery work of the past through the creative adaptation to fit contemporary demands. The outfit can be worn and cared for on a daily basis or based on creative preferences of the nyonyas. The book also shares tips and ideas on matching the kebayas with the sarongs (skirts) so as to achieve an amazing ensemble!  Aspects of the sarong art is also highlighted.

About the Author

Christine Ong Kiat Neo was born and bred in Singapore from a Chinese Peranakan family. Being a true-blue “nyonya” (the female term of Peranakans), she has a burning passion to perpetuate her unique culture through promoting the Nyonya Kebaya fashion. During her 30 years’ long career in the corporate world, she made plans to focus on her passion as part of her heritage upon her retirement. By writing this book, she fulfils her mission to share her joy and love for this fashion.

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