Reader in Qualitative Methods in Migration Research


Reader in Qualitative Methods in Migration Research Edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Theodoros Iosifides, Carla DeTona, Annalisa Frisina | Published: 28 February 2019 | Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-912997-10-7: Buy from Lulu | Buy from Amazon | Electronic version: Buy from Google PlayBuy Kindle version | Buy at CEEOL


Reader in Qualitative Methods in Migration Research

Reader in Qualitative Methods in Migration Research

Edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Theodoros Iosifides, Carla DeTona, Annalisa Frisina
Published: 28 February 2019

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This edited collection published in Migration Letters were selected to reflect on methodological challenges faced by researchers and students when conducting qualitative studies on migration. Beginning with papers focusing on broader discussions of methodological issues and some options available to researchers, the latter half of the book explores the narrative methodology in depth with references to several cases. The chapters included in this book was originally published in regular issues and two special issues of Migration Letters journal from 2009 onwards. We have regrouped and ordered these studies to enhance the flow and transition in the book. The first six chapters look into more general issues and debates in migration research methodologies, while chapters seven to ten offer cases studies on alternative qualitative methodologies and then the final six chapters focus on narratives and challenges of the narrative methodology applied in migration studies.


On qualitative methodologies in migration research – Ibrahim Sirkeci, Theodoros Iosifides, Carla DeTona, Annalisa Frisina.

Chapter 1

Research methods in ethnic and migration studies – Carla DeTona, Annalisa Frisina, Deianira Ganga.

Chapter 2

Biographical methods in migration research – Theodoros Iosifides & Deborah Sporton.

Chapter 3

Some reflections on out-sider and insider identities in ethnic and migrant qualitative research – Sharon Wray and Michelle Bartholomew.

Chapter 4

Promoting multi-methods research: linking Anthropometric methods to migration studies – Lisa Cliggett & Deborah L. Crooks.

Chapter 5

Visual methods in researching migrant children’s experiences of belonging – Marta Moskal

Chapter 6

Gendered differences in emigration and mobility perspectives among European  researchers working abroad – Elisabeth Scheibelhofer

Chapter 7

A Participatory approach to research with migrant working adolescents – Rita Bertozzi

Chapter 8

Potential of qualitative network analysis in migration studies – reflections based on an empirical analysis of young researchers’ mobility aspirations – Elisabeth Scheibelhofer

Chapter 9

Overcoming challenges of international migration research: a case study approach in Southern Mexico – Julie Boyles.

Chapter 10

Dealing with dilemmas of difference – ethical and psychological considerations    of “Othering” and “Peer Dialogues” in the research encounter – Angela Kühner and Phil C. Langer

Chapter 11

Forced migration and psychosocial health: meaning-making through autobiographical narratives in the UK – Maria Psoinos.

Chapter 12

Migration, life narratives, memory and subjectivity: Reflections on an archival project on Irish migration – Breda Gray.

Chapter 13

A mobile life story: tracing hopefulness in the life and dreams of a young Ivorian Migrant – Jesper Bjarnesen.

Chapter 14

Power and politics in migration narrative methodology: research with young Congolese migrants in Uganda – Christina Clark-Kazak.

Chapter 15

Telling diaspora stories: theoretical and methodological reflections on narratives of migrancy and belongingness in the second generation – Anastasia Christou.

Chapter 16

National identity and otherness in Greek speakers’ talk about immigration: Methodological and transdisciplinary reflections – Maria Xenitidou

About Editors:

Ibrahim Sirkeci is Professor of Transnational Studies, Director of Regent’s Centre for Transnational Business and Management, Head of Marketing Subject Cluster, and Assistant Dean for Research (Interim) at Regent’s University London. Previously he worked at the University of Bristol, Atilim University, Hacettepe University and Bilkent University. He earned his PhD from the University of Sheffield. His research focuses on migration, integration, labour market outcomes, remittances and transnational marketing. He has founded Migration Letters journal with Jeffrey Cohen and Elli Heikkila in 2003 and has been chief editor or associate editor of several other journals including Remittances Review, Transnational Marketing Journal, and Goc Dergisi. He has chaired the Migration Conference series since 2012.

Theodoros Iosifides is Professor of Social Science Methods at the Department of Geography, University of the Aegean, Greece and teaches Human Geography at the Hellenic Open University. He is a sociologist and human geographer, studied Sociology and Regional Development in Panteion University of Athens, Greece and holds a D.Phil. in Geography from the University of Sussex, UK. For the last 19 years he teaches social science methods, human/social geography and migration studies at the University of the Aegean, Greece and at the Hellenic Open University. He has written extensively books, journal papers and book chapters on social science methodology and epistemology, qualitative methods, migration and human geography and participated in several international and research projects.

Carla De Tona is an independent researcher, with expertise in the field of international migration, gender, race/ethnicity/diaspora, memory and narratives, race and education, qualitative research methodologies. She has published extensively on these issues and has worked in Ireland, the UK, Germany and Italy. She has a PhD in Sociology from Trinity College Dublin and has worked as Research Associate/Lecturer in Trinity College and as a Research Associate/Fellow at the University of Manchester. Since 2012, as an independent researcher she has collaborated with various organisations including IPRS, Italy and Griffith College, Ireland. She is currently an editor of Migration Letters Journal and member of International Advisory Group for EU research projects.

Annalisa Frisina is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Department of FISPPA, University of Padua, Italy. She has extensive research experiences in youth studies, migration studies, religious studies, with a special expertise on visual and collaborative/participatory research methods. She is co-founder of InteRGRace (Interdisciplinary Group on Race and Racisms and the research group SLAN.G. on Social Control, Labour, Racism and Migration. She is committed to researching/contrasting different forms of racisms (mainly islamophobia, anti-black racism and antiziganism) through cultural work with young people. She is in the Editorial Board of the international journals of Visual Ethnography and Migration Letters. She is also member of the RC57 of Visual Sociology of the International Sociological Association (ISA), of the International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA). She has published in peer-reviewed journals including Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia, Mondi Migranti, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Journal of Intercultural Studies, and Migration Letters.

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