Elite Migrants: South Asian Doctors in the UK


Elite Migrants: South Asian Doctors in the UK by Dr Yasmin Ghazala Farooq | Published:  13 November 2020 [Migration Series: 24] | Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-912997-63-3 | Buy at Amazon | Hardcover: ISBN: 978-1-912997-70-1 | Buy at Lulu | Digital: Read Kindle version | Read on GooglePlay | Read on CEEOL


Elite Migrants South ASian Doctors in the UK

Elite Migrants: South Asian Doctors in the UK 

By Dr Yasmin Ghazala Farooq

Published: 13 November 2020 [Migration Series: 24] | Watch Book Launch Webinar on YouTube

Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-912997-63-3 | Buy at Amazon 
: ISBN: 978-1-912997-70-1 | Buy at Lulu
Digital: Read Kindle version | Read on GooglePlay | Read on CEEOL

This book makes a major contribution to the community cohesion literature and adds a new dimension to our understanding of community cohesion in the UK. Previous research in this area has remained overly focused on the experiences of low/semi skilled migrants. The author provides an analysis of her funded empirical research that investigated the first time the integration experiences of overseas-trained South Asian doctors in three different UK geographical locales. She reflects on their experiences from the point of migration to settlement in the UK society and describes this elite group as existing somewhere between privilege and marginalisation. The book highlights how identities are more plural than discourses of belonging often allow.

“In this excellent work of scholarship, Farooq provides us with a rich and insightful account of the experiences of a remarkably important migrant group – South Asian doctors who came to Britain to work in the NHS. This rich and multifaceted work provides a vital and engaging account of this remarkable group. Essential reading for anyone interested in the role of migrant workers in the NHS, and in the experiences and challenges faced by migrants settling to Britain during the 1960s and 1970s.”

Robert Ford, Professor of Political Science, University of Manchester, UK

“Dr Farooq’s research into the lives and contributions of South Asian doctors working in NHS GP practices in the North of England is insightful as well as timely. Her work examines the complex intersections between class, race and migration. The analysis are supplemented with some wonderful quotes by the doctors on how they responded to their migration journeys, and adapted to their local communities and the changing demands of working within the NHS. The research provides a unique insight into the experiences of different generations of South Asian GPs who contributed so much to our local communities.

Tarani Chandola, Professor of Medical Sociology, University of Manchester, UK

“Often seen as a uniquely British institution, the NHS is really an international institution where international medical graduates, international nurses and migrant labour have contributed to it its values, its identity and its purpose. Yasmin Farooq, together with her contemporary Julian Simpson who both worked with me to document this history will ensure that future historians will acknowledge and recognise the hidden contribution of these architects and pioneers to British Society and the International NHS.”

Aneez Esmail, Professor of General Practice, University of Manchester, UK .



  • Foreword by Aneez Esmail
  • Preface and Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Context of Migration
  • Chapter 2: Navigating the UK Medical System upon Arrival
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Entrepreneurship within the General Practice
  • Chapter 4: Integration and Sense of Belonging
  • Chapter 5: Experiences of Racism and Coping Strategies
  • Chapter 6: Discussion and Conclusions

About the Author

Dr Yasmin Ghazala Farooq is a social researcher. She originates from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. She has worked in the health and social care settings for some four decades as a social work practitioner and a lecturer. She has undertaken various research projects. She completed her funded PhD at the University of Manchester in 2014 where she subsequently worked as a lecturer in Social Statistics until 2019. Her research interests include migration, identity, ethnicity, race and health inequalities. She is particularly interested in exploring the integration experiences of elite migrants which has remained an under-researched area until very recently. She has presented her work in numerous international migration conferences. She has written research blog titled Migrant doctors keep the NHS going published at the Manchester Policy Blogs. She is also the author of two book chapters in which she documents the experiences of overseas-trained South Asian doctors in the UK which contribute towards the growing field of migration studies.


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Migration Series: 24
Paperback: ISBN:  978-1-912997-63-3
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