Turkish Migration Conference 2016 Abstracts


Turkish Migration Conference 2016 Programme and Book of Abstracts compiled by Fethiye Tilbe, Ibrahim Sirkeci, Anett Condick-Brough | paperback | ISBN: 978-1-910781-25-8 : Buy from LuluBuy at Amazon | Buy Kindle version


Turkish Migration Conference 2016 Programme and Book of Abstracts
compiled by Fethiye Tilbe, Ibrahim Sirkeci, Anett Condick-Brough

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paperback | ISBN: 978-1-910781-25-8 : Buy from Lulu Buy at Amazon 
Kindle version : Buy at Amazon

The 4th TMC was held at the University of Vienna, Austria from 12 to 15 July 2016 with about 400 participants from all around the world.

Welcome to TMC 2016
Supporting Organisations
TMC 2016 Schedule
Conference Gala Dinner:
Conference Venue: University of Vienna, Waehringerstrasse 29
TUESDAY, 12 July 2016
WEDNESDAY, 13 July 2016
SESSION 1A – Migration and Insecurity
SESSION 1B – Gender and Turkish Migration
SESSION 1C – Old Migrants – New Migrants: Perceptions and Expe-riences of Syrian Refugees
SESSION 1D – Kamu Yönetimi ve Göç – I
SESSION 1E – Edebiyat ve Göç I – Açılış Oturumu
SESSION 2A – Beyond Borders: Constructing and Maintaining Communicative Spaces
SESSION 2B – Return Migration
SESSION 2C – Göç ve Toplumsal Cinsiyet – I
SESSION 2D –Göç ve Ekonomi – I
SESSION 2E – Edebiyat ve Göç II
SESSION 3A – Seeking Refuge and Media
SESSION 3B – Gender and Turkish Migration
SESSION 3C – Legal Perspectives and Refugees
SESSION 3D – Göç ve Ekonomi – II
SESSION 3E – Edebiyat ve Göç – III
SESSION 4A – Citizenship and Participation
SESSION 4B – Diasporas
SESSION 4C – Population Movements – Historic Perspectives
SESSION 4D – Syrian Movers
SESSION 4E – Edebiyat ve Göç – IV
SESSION 5A – Education and Migration – I
SESSION 5B – Refugees and Media
SESSION 5C – Integration and Migration Policy
SESSION 5D – Göç, Kültür ve Kalkınma
SESSION 5E – Göçer Edebiyatı – I
THURSDAY, 14 July 2016
SESSION 6A – Geography of Turkish Migration
SESSION 6B – Migrant Integration – I
SESSION 6C – Expressions and Migration
SESSION 6D – Göç, Kalkınma ve İşgücü – I
SESSION 6E – Göçer Edebiyatı – II
SESSION 7A – Migration Policy
SESSION 7B – Syrians in the Public Sphere
SESSION 7C – Seasonal Migrant Workers in Agriculture
SESSION 7D – Göç, Kalkınma ve İşgücü – II
SESSION 7E – Göç ve Sinema – I
SESSION 8A – Politics of Migration
SESSION 8B – Demographic Patterns
SESSION 8C – Göç ve Kimlik
SESSION 8D – Türkiye’de İçgöç
SESSION 8E – Göç ve Sinema – II
SESSION 9A – Identity, Migration, Diaspora
SESSION 9B – Movers and Integration
SESSION 9C – Attitudes and Perceptions
SESSION 9D – Göç ve Kentleşme
SESSION 9E – Göç ve Sanat
SESSION 10A – Education and Skilled Migration
SESSION 10B – Syrians and Local Communities
SESSION 10C – Gypsies on the Move
SESSION 10D – Tarımda Mevsimlik Göçmen İşçiler
FRIDAY, 15 July 2016
SESSION 11A – Migrant Integration
SESSION 11B – Migration in Austria – I
SESSION 11C – İçgöç
SESSION 11D – Göçü Çözümlemek
SESSION 11E – Edebiyat ve Göç – V
SESSION 12A – Religion and Diaspora – II
SESSION 12B – Round Table II: Refugee Migration and Integration in Austria Today
SESSION 12D – Göç ve Azınlıklar
SESSION 12E – Göçer Edebiyatı – III
SESSION 13A – Kurdish Migration and Identity – I
SESSION 13B – Movers from Turkey in Austria – II
SESSION 13C – Balkan Göçleri
SESSION 13D – Göç ve Avrupa
SESSION 13E – Edebiyat ve Göç – VI
SESSION 14A – Syrians and Refugee Politics
SESSION 14B – Migrant Identities
SESSION 14C – Göç ve Uyum
SESSION 14D – Göç ve Eğitim – IV
SESSION 14E – Göç ve Edebiyat – VII
SESSION 15A – Kurdish Migration and Identity – III
SESSION 15B – Movers from Turkey in Austria – III
SESSION 15C – Workshop: Göç Çalışmalarında Faktöryel Modelin Kullanımı
SESSION 15D – Workshop: Türkiye’de Göçmen Sağlığı ve Sağlık Kayıtlarında Göç Verileri
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