English Literature Advancing Through History 1


ENGLISH LITERATURE ADVANCING THROUGH HISTORY 1 – Old English (Anglo-Saxon) and Medieval Periods by Petru Golban | Published: 24 November 2020 | Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-912997-66-4 | Buy from Lulu | Buy from Amazon | Digital version: ISBN: 978-1-912997-94-7 | Read on Google PlayRead on KindleRead on CEEOL


Petru Golban AngloSaxon Medieval English Literature


Old English (Anglo-Saxon) and Medieval Periods

By Petru Golban
Published: 24 November 2020 [Literature Series: 01]

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Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-912997-66-4 | Buy from Lulu | Buy from Amazon
Digital version: ISBN: 978-1-912997-94-7 | Read on Google PlayRead on KindleRead on CEEOL

It appears that literary work possesses eternal temporal validity due to its autonomous aesthetic value, whereas criticism provides points of view having temporary and transitory significance. Despite such claims, the vector of methodology in our series of books, dealing with the history of English literature, relies on Viktor Shklovsky, T. S. Eliot, Mikhail Bakhtin, and especially Yuri Tynyanov, whose main reasoning would be that literature is a system of dominant, central and peripheral, marginalized elements – to us, “tradition” (centre) versus “innovation” (margin) engaged in a “battle” for supremacy, demarginalization, and the right to form a new literary system – and the development or historical advancement of literature is the substitution of systems. Roman Jakobson and French structuralism, on the whole, later Linda Hutcheon, with her “system” and “constant”, and Bran Nicol with the “dominant”, to say nothing about Itamar Even-Zohar and his theory of polysystem, to a certain extent Julia Kristeva, and even Homi Bhabha – as well as our humble contribution, by means of the books in the present series, we would like to believe – maintain Tynyanov’s line of thinking and concepts alive, which have developed and emerged nowadays more like a kind of “neo-formalism”.


  • Preface
  • Introduction: Approaching Literary Practice and Studying British Literature in History
  • Preliminaries: Learning Literary Heritage through Critical Tradition or Back to Tynyanov
  • The Idea of Literature as a Critical Concern in Classical Times and in the Middle Ages
  • Old English (Anglo-Saxon) Literature
    • Old English (Anglo-Saxon) Poetry
      • Lyrical Poetry: Caedmon, Cynewulf, Anonymous Poems
      • Epic Poetry: Beowulf Within and Beyond a Great Tradition
    • Old English (Anglo-Saxon) Prose
      • The Venerable Bede and Alfred the Great
      • The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Rise of a National Consciousness
  • Medieval Literature
    • The Anglo-Norman Literature
      • The Medieval Romance: Between Imitation and Originality
    • Geoffrey Chaucer and His Epoch
      • The Canterbury Tales: The Aesthetic Monument of Medieval Literature
    • The Fifteenth-Century Literature
      • English Drama in Its Incipient Stage
  • Conclusion: The Beginnings of British Literature
  • References and Suggestions for Further Reading
  • Index

About the author:

Petru Golban holds a PhD in English and American Literature from Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi, Romania. His academic and professional career started in 1995, and he currently teaches literary theory and English literature-related classes as an Associate Professor at Tekirdağ Namik Kemal University, Turkey. He is also the author of 9 books, including A History of the Bildungsroman: From Ancient Beginnings to Romanticism, The Foundations of English Literary Criticism: From Philip Sidney to Henry James and Texts Analyzing Literature as Argument, and some 50 literary studies. His research concerns include particular aspects of the history of English literature, comparative literary studies, and literary theory and criticism.

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