Fundamentals of International Migration


Fundamentals of International Migration Compiled by Deniz Yetkin Aker, Z. Banu Dalaman, M. Gökay Özerim, Deniz Eroğlu Utku, Ibrahim Sirkeci | Published: 20.02.2021 [ Custom Textbook Series: 2 ] | Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-80135-036-5 | | Buy from Amazon | Buy from | Digital: ISBN: 978-1-80135-037-2  Read on Google Play | Read on Kindle | Read on


Fundamentals of International Migration

Fundamentals of International Migration

Compiled by Deniz Yetkin Aker, Z. Banu Dalaman, M. Gökay Özerim, Deniz Eroğlu Utku, Ibrahim Sirkeci

Published: 20.02.2021 [ Custom Textbook Series: 2 ]

Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-80135-036-5  Buy from Lulu | Buy from Amazon | Buy from
Digital: ISBN: 978-1-80135-037-2  Read on Google Play | Read on Kindle | Read on

Fundamentals of International Migration is prepared as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate courses/modules. This book is a collection of articles and book chapters published in various journals and volumes carefully selected to cover a comprehensive range of topics and issues in contemporary human mobility. Students and tutors of the module would find it useful to guide and enhance classroom discussions. There are 8 parts with 28 chapters. Each part of the book begins with a list of essential and further reading to offer a wide range of views and perspectives to the students of international migration.


PART 1: Introduction to Migration Studies

  • Chapter 1. A record 65.3 million people were displaced last year: What does that number actually mean? – Jeffrey H. Cohen and Ibrahim Sirkeci
  • Chapter 2. It is all about being happy in search of security – Ibrahim Sirkeci
  • Chapter 3. Europe’s migration crisis: an American perspective – Philip L. Martin
  • Chapter 4. Fleeing from the Global Compact for Migration: A missed opportunity for Italy – Chiara Scissa

PART 2: Concepts and Theories in Migration Studies

  • Chapter 5. A Missing Element in Migration Theories – Douglas S. Massey
  • Chapter 6. Transnational mobility and conflict – Ibrahim Sirkeci
  • Chapter 7. “Old” natives and “new” immigrants: beyond territory and history in Kymlicka’s account of group-rights – Darian Heim

PART 3: Data and Methods in Migration Studies

  • Chapter 8. Social Research Methods: Migration in Perspective – AKM Ahsan Ullah, Md. Akram Hossain, Mohammad Azizuddin, and Faraha Nawaz
  • Chapter 9. Biographical methods in migration research – Theodoros Iosifides and Deborah Sporton
  • Chapter 10. Strengths, Risks and Limits of Doing Participatory Research in Migration Studies – Diana Mata-Codesal, Laure Kloetzer and Concha Maiztegi

PART 4: Migration, Security, and Rights

  • Chapter 11. Universalist Rights and Particularist Duties: The Case of Refugees – Per Bauhn
  • Chapter 12. Bordering Practices across Europe: The Rise of “Walls” and “Fences” – Burcu Toğral Koca
  • Chapter 13. Turkey’s Refugees, Syrians and Refugees from Turkey: A Country of Insecurity – Ibrahim Sirkeci

PART 5: Migration Politics, Law and Organisations

  • Chapter 14. Turkish Migration Policy at a Glance – Barbara Pusch and Ibrahim Sirkeci
  • Chapter 15. Immigration and Civil Society: New ways of democratic transformation – Óscar García Agustín and Martin Bak Jørgensen
  • Chapter 16. Immigration Policy in the European Union: Still bringing up the walls for fortress Europe? – Petra Bendel
  • Chapter 17. The Case for a Foreign Worker Advisory Commission – Ray Marshall

PART 6: Citizenship, Integration, and Diasporas

  • Chapter 18. Migration and Integration: Austrian and California Experiences with Low-Skilled Migrants – Gudrun Biffl and Philip L. Martin
  • Chapter 19. Integration of Syrians: Politics of integration in Turkey in the face of a closing window of opportunity – Onur Unutulmaz
  • Chapter 20. Citizenship and Naturalization Among Turkish Skilled Migrants  – Deniz Yetkin Aker
  • Chapter 21. Westphalia, Migration, and Feudal Privilege – Harald Bauder
  • Chapter 22. Naturalisation Policies Beyond a Western focus – Tobias Schwarz
  • Chapter 23. Wrestling with 9/11: Immigrant Perceptions and Perceptions of Immigrants – Caroline Brettell

PART 7: Turkey’s Migration Experience

  • Chapter 24. Syrian Crisis and Migration – Pinar Yazgan, Deniz Eroglu Utku, Ibrahim Sirkeci
  • Chapter 25. Demographic Gaps Between Syrian and the European Populations – Murat Yüceşahin and Ibrahim Sirkeci
  • Chapter 26. Turkish Migration in Europe and Desire to Migrate to and from Turkey – Ibrahim Sirkeci and Neli Esipova

PART 8: Contemporary Issues

  • Chapter 27. International Mobility, Erotic Plasticity and Eastern European Migrations – Martina Cvajner
  • Chapter 28. Coronavirus and Migration: Analysis of Human Mobility and the Spread of COVID-19 – Ibrahim Sirkeci and M. Murat Yüceşahin


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