First Generation Pakistani Migrants in the UK


First Generation Pakistani Migrants in the UK | Zeibeda Sattar | Published: 1 October 2021 [Migration Series: 36] | Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-80135-083-9 | Buy at Amazon | Buy at | Digital: ISBN: 978-1-80135-084-6 Read Kindle version | Read on GooglePlay | Read on CEEOL | Read on


Pakistani migrants in the UK

First Generation Pakistani Migrants in the UK  

By Zeibeda Sattar

Published: 1 October 2021 [Migration Series: 36]

Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-80135-083-9  Buy at Amazon | Buy at 
Digital: ISBN: 978-1-80135-084-6  Read Kindle version | Read on GooglePlay | Read on CEEOL | Read on

This book reports how modern life is constantly being affected by increasing forms of mobility. These mobilities allow for people to carry out activities that form and maintain relationships and networks on a social and obligatory basis. Complex mobility systems have enabled greater movement for many at local, national and international levels. Migration theories have been influenced by the mobilities paradigm and have led to the creation of new terminology such as ‘transnational migrants’. Both the needs of post-Second World War labour shortages and the political and economic climate of Pakistan (after partition in 1947) led to significant post-colonial Pakistani migration. This directed attention to life in the UK and resulted in and created new mobility dynamics. In terms of the research on which this book is based, face to face interviews took place, with a total of twenty eight interviewees that were carried out in two parts with the Pakistani diaspora living in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne who migrated up until the 1970’s.

“Zeb’s work on the migration and settlement experiences of Pakistani migrants in the north east of England sheds light on both the historical and contemporary lives of the Pakistani diaspora. Zeb’s work is relevant to not only the Pakistani community, but also helps better understanding of how migrant communities generally maintain connections and develop new ones and adapt to new environments.”

Professor Jonathon Ling, University of Sunderland, UK .



  • Foreword
  • Preface and Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER 1. Mobilities Theory
  • CHAPTER 2. Pakistani Migration to the UK
  • CHAPTER 3. Pakistani Migrant Settlement in Newcastle upon Tyne
  • CHAPTER 4. Pakistani Migrant’s Experiences of Public Services in Newcastle upon Tyne
  • CHAPTER 5. Pakistani Migrant’s Experiences of Leisure and Tourism
  • CHAPTER 6. Conclusions
  • Appendix


About the Author

Dr Zeibeda Sattar (Zeb) is Lecturer in Health Policy and Programme Lead in Master for Public Health. She is a second-generation migrant and was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, a Northern part of United Kingdom. She has experiences of working in public, private and third sectors. She was an Electronics Engineer/Quality Assurance Manager for over 10 years before pursuing a career in Health and Social Care. Her interdisciplinary research experiences have included managing national and culturally diverse cross sector projects. Her health inequalities research informs national policy, including ‘Holiday Hunger’ food provision across England and has extensive experience of working with minority ethnic communities to design and implement culturally appropriate services, e.g. sustainable physical activity interventions to reduce obesity and addressing older South Asian women’s health and social care needs. Prior to beginning her PhD in South Asian communities and mobilities in Newcastle upon Tyne, she owned and managed a care home for 3 years, looking after older people and people with learning disabilities. It was the premature death of her father (aged 48) that led her to pursue a career in service design and delivery to improve and prevent health inequalities. This book contributes towards the growing field of migration studies.


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