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Transnational Press London (TPLondon) is an independent publisher of academic and professional journals, periodicals, magazines, books and catalogs. Currently the journal portfolio includes seven periodicals:
Migration Letters, Transnational Marketing Journal, Kurdish Studies, Remittances Review, Göç Dergisi, Border Crossing, Journal of Gypsy Studies.

Most recent titles published by TPLondon are Entrepreneurial Transitions in Family Business: Organic Model, Governance and Succession, A Defining Moment - Transnational Nursing Education, International Operations, Innovation and Sustainability ,Revisiting Gender and Migration, Women from North Move South, Overeducated and Over Here , Image of Istanbul, Impact of ECOC 2010 on the City Image, International Operations and Sustainability, Family and Human Capital in Turkish Migration, Revisiting Gender and Migration, Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration and Conflict, Insecurity and Mobility.

New books by Transnational Press London

Economic Survival Strategies of Turkish Migrants in London by Olgu Karan Women from North Move South by Oksana Koshulko Little Turkey in Great Britain Overeducated and Over Here Entrepreneurial Transitions in Family Business: Organic Model, Governance and Succession Image of Istanbul: Impact of ECoC 2010 on the City Image by Evinç DOĞAN
Turkish Migration Policy International Operations and Sustainability Family and Human Capital in Turkish Migration A Defining Moment Revisiting Gender and Migration Conflict, Insecurity and Mobility

Migration Letters Remittances Review Goc Dergisi Transnational Marketing Journal Kurdish Studies Journal of Gypsy Studies Border Crossing

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Transnational Press London was formerly trading as "The London Publishers" and "Migration Letters" since 2003.
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